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Vintage Sport Camp's mission is to provide an all inclusive sports camp that offers a variety of sports, educational activities, and quality mentor experiences. Vintage Sport Camps teach kids to be active, explore new activities and separate from the electronically connected world.  Vintage Sport Camp is a trip back to the past when kids were active outside without the electronic and digital distractions of today. Vintage Sport Camp encourages kids to be socially, mentally and physically active every day!


Vintage Sport Camps are all about keeping kids active through sports and introducing them to new opportunities.  All of the camps are similar in design with a different focused sport every week. The focused sport will be 1-2 hours of the daily plan. The rest of the time campers will be learning new sports and playing active games.  Vintage Sport Camp is not about being good at something it is all about playing sports for fun and interacting and communicating with other kids in a fun stress free environment.  

2023 Online Registration is LIVE!

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Tell people why this is important

Call to Action

Tell people why this is important

Is Vintage Sports Camp a good fit for my child?

Every year I receive calls from parents wondering how their camper will fit into Vintage Sports Camp.  I created this code of conduct for parents to review with their camper.   We are not a day care.  We are a sports camp that is so fun and active that your campers will not even know they are at day care.  VSC is not about winning.  It is all about socializing, participating and having fun in a low stress environment.  It is important that campers participate and follow our code of conduct in order for the camp to be successful.   If you have any questions, call or email me anytime.  


Your deposit is nonrefundable.  You can switch to a different week or save it for a future camp.  If you give 7 days or less notice and we cannot fill the spot you will be responsible for the full amount of the camp.  There are no refunds after the start of camp.  If your child is sick or if you have a family emergency, they can make up the days they missed at a future camp.  

Vintage Sport Camp Email List

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Friday is PIZZA FRIDAY at Clyde for Heritage Campers.  If Campers would like to have the pizza and drink buffet at Clyde all you need to do is pay the Coaches $6 by Friday morning.  If they do not want the buffet, they can bring their lunch over and eat with the group.

Do North Pizza in Hermantown delivers pizzas on Fridays to the Proctor Camp!  If Campers would like to have pizza on Friday all you need to do is pay the Coaches $5 by Friday morning.   They will have a choice of cheese, pepperoni or sausage pizza.  No drinks.   


We will be accepting applications for 2023 Coaches in January!

Make sure your application is received by the end of February.  We try to have all of the Coaches hired by mid March.  

We are looking for smiling, fun and quality energetic role models for our campers.  You will have to pass a background check, attend First Aid/CPR/AED training and attend a Vintage Sport Camps training session.  

This may be the best summer job ever!  We want the best coaches for our campers!

Mail your application and resume to:
Vintage Sport Camps LLC
4826 Drake Rd
Duluth, MN  55803

or email:

QUESTIONS? Darrell Spencer

QUESTIONS? Darrell Spencer


Phone: 218.393.1837


"Thank you for a great year at Vintage.  My children loved it.  My son had been at VSC before so he knew what it was about and talks about being a camp coach one day (if he can work on following all the rules a bit better, ha). He cried tears Friday evening because he is so sad that camp is over for him this year. I know he can be a hand full but please let the coaches know how much the camp meant to him again this year and how much fun he had. He has so many struggles and Vintage is always a place that builds him up. My daughter was not at all excited about Vintage because she is not very sporty kid, but she ended up loving it and can’t wait to go back next year. "

“I just wanted to say thank you for the program, it has been the best thing for my son. This camp has been so amazing to show him different sports and activities.  We have known that our son can be stubborn and strong willed, but also does very well in an environment where expectations are clear like VSC.  You, along with all your coaches, throughout the years have made the camp a wonderful experience.  Even for a kid like our son who isn’t a sports kid, he loved going every day. He was comfortable there.  I can’t say enough good things about the program you have created and the coaching staff that are always positive and are so good at what they do.”

“My son attended many weeks of Vintage Hermantown this summer.  This was our first experience with Vintage and the first year that I needed to arrange summer camp of some kind for him.  I did not know what to expect and I was quite nervous.  He has severe ADHD, OCD, and anxiety. He experienced significant bullying during the school year the last couple of years and, in general, he’s always had a hard time being part of team and group activities and he really struggles with transitions into new environments with new people.   Your program was such an incredibly positive experience for him.  He had zero bullying issues at your program which was a huge relief.  The program was very well structured and scheduled out which helped to mediate his anxiety because he always knew exactly what he would be doing each day and at what times. The camps were very busy and varied which helped him get his energy out and stay interested.  He gained so much self-confidence during the summer at these camps with both his social skills and physical abilities.  This confidence is really going to help him going into this new school year.  The camp staff were absolutely wonderful and have, obviously, had fantastic training.  I was very impressed with all of them.  He always wanted to arrive at camp as early as possible and stay until 5pm even though I could pick him up much earlier than 5pm....he loved being there that much.  He is already talking about doing Vintage again next summer and has been convincing his little sister that she needs to do Vintage next summer, too.  I just wanted to thank you for providing such a great summer camp option for children in the area and please let your camp staff know that they are doing a great job and that the work they are doing is likely making more significant impacts on the campers than they may realize.  I will definitely be recommending Vintage Sports camp to anyone I know seeking out summer camps in the future.”  

"The good news is he didn’t think he liked sports before the camps and is loving all the activities and your team :)"

"I just wanted to thank you for running such an amazing camp for the kids.  Our kids have gone almost every week in Hermantown and love it.  All your coaches are awesome. We are greeted with a smile everyday.  The kids come home just exhausted (best thing ever) every day and get excited to go every morning.  We will be continuing to go for many years to come."

"Thanks again for all you do.  Your camp is such a blessing for our family, our son, and all the kids enrolled.  He is spending time with new friends, staying active, and best of all, staying away from screens for the entire day!"  

"Thank you again for a great camp last week.  It was our first experience at  Heritage and we will definitely return!  I felt the camp was very well run and the kids had a blast.  It was great!"

 "Thanks for a great camp.  My kids loved it and so far they haven't loved any  camp they've been to (except your fishing camp).  Thanks for providing such  hands on activity and learning.  (And sports all day, they loved sports all day).  We will come for more next summer."

 "I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much fun my son had at the camps this summer….he was really sad to be finished after Hunting week and is eager for next year’s camps already!   In addition, you have a fine team of coaches there – those guys and gals are just awesome and really made the camp memorable for him.  Thanks again and we will see you next year!"

"I would like to thank you for putting these camps together for the kids. It is nice to know they are in a safe environment everyday. You and your staff do a great job keeping them active and teaching them about sports and the outdoors.  My wife went to Ireland last fall and brought my son home a rugby ball. My wife and I were both surprised when she pulled it out of her suitcase and my son knew what it was right away. I asked him how he knew what it was and he said you taught him about the game at sports camp. This is something he would have never been exposed to if it weren't for you and the coaches there. Thank you."

“Thank you for everything with this camp!  You guys are offering so many opportunities that many children, my son included, wouldn't be exposed to otherwise.  For example, my son has developed a liking for lacrosse, something my husband and I have no idea about and a game we've never seen before, so I can't say he would have learned about lacrosse without this camp.  I'm definitely signing my son up for more than one camp next year and looking forward to it very much.” 

“Thank you for a wonderful experience with your camp this summer.  Each of the staff members/coaches I met and interacted with were exceptional.  My son had a great time with each week he attended and it was fun to see the pictures posted on Facebook of his new experiences.  My husband and I are grateful that this camp is offered in our community and we hope you continue to thrive.”